PayFlex e-Delivery Note Solution

PayFlex e-Delivery Note, one of the newest solutions offered by Innova to move companies to the digital world, provides many advantages by transferring delivery notes to the digital environment.

The new data-driven world brings major changes to financial processes. Companies that adopted the new generation financial solutions such as e-invoice, e-archive, e-ledger, and e-reconciliation, now have another alternative for improving their processes and abandon the traditional paper environment.

The PayFlex e-Delivery Note solution is one of the newest examples of Innova's expertise in financial solutions. It digitizes the formerly paper delivery notes and ensures that they are created incompatible with the Turkish Revenue Administration (GiB) and sent to the recipient. 

Innova difference in the digitalized financial world

Innova supports the digital financial transformation of many sectors, especially retail, with its PayFlex products and now continues to help companies digitize their delivery notes. Innova is an effective solution partner in all e-transformation projects required by the Revenue Administration, continues to offer this support for e-delivery notes.


Being a Türk Telekom Group company, Innova plays a crucial role in strategy implementation with its expertise. In addition to the features and advantages it offers, PayFlex e-Delivery Note also increases the effectiveness of the already existing financial e-transformation solutions within organizations.


e-Delivery Note strengthens digital channels

PayFlex e-Delivery Note solution works integrated with other financial transformation services offered by Innova. PayFlex e-Delivery Note offers similar advantages with the e-Invoice solution; delivery notes are automatically transferred to the Revenue Administration system and delivered to the recipient from there. Also, the recipient's response can be viewed directly on the system.


e-Delivery Note application brings innovation to the classical delivery note concept. Companies can trace shipments between warehouses in the digital environment with this solution.


The system also instantly checks whether the recipient is an e-Delivery Note user. When the other party does not use an e-Delivery Note, the sender is advised to create a paper document. Innova PayFlex e-Delivery Note solution offers its users the appropriate infrastructure described in the GiB regulations.


Increase your e-Invoice efficiency with PayFlex e-Delivery Note solution



  • Processes accelerate with the transition to digital media.
  • The risk of losing documents kept in paper format is eliminated.
  • Reduce your ecological footprint with decreased paper usage.
  • Offer logistics personnel the opportunity to complete processes faster.
  • Work in integration with the system of the Revenue Administration (GiB).
  • Manage all product shipments from a single screen by tracking processes digitally.


Innova offers many advantages to your company with PayFlex e-Delivery Note solution. The main ones are as follows:

  • Eliminate the printing costs incurred for delivery notes.
  • The digital environment eliminates the need for archiving paper delivery notes.
  • Avoid the risk of losing paper documents.
  • All your personnel related to keeping the documents in the digital environment can access these documents with ease and simultaneously. Risk control is not left to a single person.
  • Delivery notes can be sent to recipients before the product departs, not with the product as in paper documents. You inform the other party about the shipped product in advance.
  • The responses given by the recipients through the system are delivered to you instantly.
  • Since all delivery notes can be accessed through the application, you do not need to search the archive of paper documents retrospectively.

What is an e-Delivery Note?

The e-Delivery Note is a new type of electronic document that contains the same legal qualifications as a paper delivery note, which companies can issue digitally and send to other e-Delivery Note users via GiB.


How is e-Delivery Note defined legally?

The e-Delivery Note is not a new legal document. It has the same legal qualifications as the delivery notes in use as paper format.


How the process works if the recipient is not registered to the e-Delivery Note system?

In such a case, users will be able to continue to issue paper delivery notes.


What kind of document should be in the delivery vehicles?

The Revenue Administration requires a printout of the e-delivery note in the vehicle. However, there is no need to have any wet signature or stamp on this printout. Since the information is delivered to the recipient before shipping, it is not mandatory to give this paper output on the delivery or archive it afterwards. This printout can be presented at controls during transport. The QR code processed on the e-delivery note is used to determine the content of the shipped products.


Delivery notes must be issued as electronic documents per the standards set by the GiB, transmitted, stored, and presented electronically.

The mandatory start date for e-delivery notes is 01 July 2020.

As of July 1, 2019, it has become mandatory for goods shipment transactions and self-employed groups to switch to e-delivery notes and e-self-employment receipts.

Taxpayers registered in the e-invoice system and with a gross sales revenue of 25 million TL or more for the 2018 or subsequent accounting periods have been obliged to switch to the e-delivery note system as of July 1, 2020.

For recipients who are not registered with the e-delivery notes system, the documents should be issued as e-delivery notes and delivered to the addressee in paper or electronic form upon request

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