E-Ticket Solution

The E-ticket solution is now available for use with the Revenue Administration by companies that transport passengers. Innova is among the “special integrators” that can offer this solution.

Innova has expanded its PayFlex solution family used effectively by hundreds of companies in Turkey and 15 other countries, with the E-Ticket application special to the transport sector. Companies that provide intercity and international land and sea transport can now choose to move to the E-Ticket system with Innova’s PayFlex platform.


Companies that provide intercity and international land and sea transport are required to use electronic tickets in Turkey. PayFlex E-Ticket, which is now among Innova’s PayFlex e-solution applications, now provides end to end solutions for companies that are in this scope and operate in the field of ‘passenger transport’.


What does Innova offer with the E-Ticket Solution?

The Innova PayFlex E-Ticket designed with a structure that different ERP systems can easily integrate with, enables critical transactions like creating, storing and transmitting tickets to the Revenue Administration in accordance with legal requirements through a centralized system. The system, which helps companies make their ticketing process more efficient in paper-free format also contributes to operations with offline file transfer, monitoring and viewing and transmitting warnings and notifications capability.

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