E-Invoice and E-Archive Solutions

The Innova PayFlex E-Invoice and E-Archive solution contributes to the “paperless office” transformations of companies.

With the E-Invoice solution end to end service provided by Innova companies can implement an E-Invoice system that complies with Ministry of Finance standards in a short time. Innova manages the integration to electronic invoice system, which requires a deep rooted change in the IT and Finance (Accounting) departments of companies, from start to finish with an expert team.


With a “Special Integrator” permit from the Revenue Administration in the field of e-invoices, Innova helps companies eliminate the need for costly investments in e-invoice transition. With the system that Innova guarantees 24/7 uninterrupted services for, companies manage all their obligations with the ITA centrally while they have the ability to archive all customer invoices in their own archives. The E-Archive storage solution The E-Archive solution positioned within the E-Invoice and E-Ledger (electronic ledger) solution provides high compacting and opening performance with the help of the E-Invoice and E-Ledger multi virtual databases and indexes singed with E-signatures and finance stamps. This solution is 100 percent compatible with the electronic invoice and electronic ledger applications implemented by the Revenue Administration and enables invoices, ledgers and their warrants to be digitally archived. This solution identifies the type of document for E-Invoice and E-Ledger and provides fast and efficient compacting.



  • Completely compatible with the T.R. Ministry of Finance standards.
  • Reduces billing costs.
  • Automates the legal declaration process to the Revenue Administration .
  • Automatic data transmission from ERP to the E-Invoice system.
  • Provides ability to store invoice data in original form.
  • If a legal demand is made the invoices can be accessed instantly.
  • Increased performance is achieved in work processes and the rate or error is reduced.
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