Portal and Collaboration Platforms

Effectrive internal communication produces high-quality service. Collaboration is made easy with Innova's SharePoint-based portal solutions.

Innova’s portal and collaboration solutions respond to the requirements of internal corporate communication processes, providing collaboration, dataflow and essential web content. An easily accessible and effective intranet portal is established using Innova’s solution, which then sets up ‘team sites’ to provide a common working platform not attached to any particular location.


This solution includes Document Management software that arranges workflow and forms. In addition, by using an internal search engine all sources of information can easily be reached. The solution makes use of Business Intelligence modules to maximise efficiency.


Intranet portal

Simple and quick access to the most up-to-date information makes your employees’ work easier, improving the productivity of your enterprise. Innova’s software developers, who are highly experienced in portal solutions, can readily develop bespoke solutions that match your precise needs and be integrate into your existing infrastructure. With Innova’s intranet portal solutions businesses can achieve greater productivity as employees are empowered by fast access to the latest information and a platform which makes it easier to work together.


Finance Portal

Exclusively designed to equip banks and financial intermediaries for online services and access to marketing and sales capabilities that meet individual requirements. With this next-generation communications facility such institutions can offer benefits like personalised content, campaigns and offers, as well as instant transaction capabilities.


The portal project increases employee productivity by improving internal communication and information flow.


Dealer Portal

Your partners require instant access to up-to-date, accurate and reliable information. With Innova’s Dealer Portal you can build a most effective and productive communication channel between you and your dealers without resorting to high-cost VPN solutions. Dealer Portal is designed in accordance with a successful business model and so will continue to meet all your online needs as the number of your dealers or branches increases.



  • Intranet content management
  • Web content management
  • Search features (advanced search, personnel search)
  • FAST for SharePoint
  • Social networking management solutions
Forms and workflow management
  • Collaboration platforms
  • Business intelligence
  • KPI lists
  • Indicators and reporting features

CRM maintenance and management

Innova’s CRM Solutions include remote and on-site maintenance and support services for the customer databases that underpin the systems. In line with its Service Level Agreement, Innova provides performance, backup, system reset, troubleshooting and security services. Its experienced team of CRM specialists prides itself on responding without delay to the problems encountered by its customers. Innova provides these services by using its own resources or by working with business partners.


Innova’s team of experts

In order to identify emerging problems and to develop solutions, experience in the field is vital. Innova’s team of experts, who are all certified by the relevant product providers, are always ready to handle the most demanding tasks. These specialists can be reached via its 24/7 call centre and will respond to problems immediately, and can also monitor your system regularly, and adjust and fine-tune it as necessary. The continuity of the service can be guaranteed under the SLA.


Enterprises with millions of customers enhance the quality of their service with Innova's solutions.



  • Marketing Management
  • Target audience management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Campaign planning and organising
  • Social media campaign management
  • Customer feedback, opportunity creation
  • Inter-team workflow facilitation
  • Reporting and campaign analysis
  • SMS and e-mail services integration


Sales Management

  • Sales leads identification and handling
  • Customer management
  • Sales territory management
  • Product/service cataloguing and pricing
  • Bids and orders administration
  • Quota management
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Advanced sales reports and dashboards


After-Sales Services

  • Customer satisfaction evaluation
  • Service scheduling, timekeeping and service improving procedures
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Contract oversight
  • Solution archive and recurring service request databank
  • Corrective and preventive measures
  • Service/support reporting and analysis
  • Sound infrastructure (ACD, CTI, IVR)
  • Workforce and quality control
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