Our Team

The Innova team is made up of 1400+ professionals, including software and solution experts with experience in large-scale development projects supported by project managers, consultants and analysts.

Our Team

We owe them our success

Thanks to the hard work carried out by engineers who have managed some of Turkey’s biggest IT projects, Innova is able to work in the full belief that every service it provides and every project it implements will bring continuing success. The company’s priorities are set with the specific purpose of maximising the benefit to its customers.

Teamwork is central to everything Innova sets out to do, allowing it to foresee the changing requirements of its partners and works continuously towards meeting these needs with new products and services. Innova’s core principle is that its collaborative mentality can encourage innovative creativity and ensure that all the work it engages in is always of the highest possible quality.

The Innova team by numbers

  • Number of employees: 1400+ 
  • Engineers: 55%
  • Graduate and postgraduates: 86%
  • Average age of employees: 34