Türk Telekom rolls out the largest digital signage network in the region to drive sales across 1,300 stores

A phased deployment that started in 2009 and will continue in 2010 will see Türk Telekom develop a multi-channel network capable of delivering localized digital marketing content to support its retail business

Türk Telekom rolls out the largest digital signage...

Türk Telekom rolls out the largest digital signage network in the region to drive sales across 1,300 stores


Türk Telekom is one of the largest telecom operators in the world, representing 17.3 million fixed line customers, 6 million ADSL line customers and 12.6 million GSM subscribers. It reaches new and existing customers through a variety of marketing channels including their 1,300 retail stores distributed in 81 cities throughout Turkey. 


The challenge for Türk Telekom was to create an enhanced retail environment in which products, services, offers and deals could be presented to different customer types to best reflect their requirements, interests, budget and spending habits.


In order to meet this challenge, Türk Telekom turned to Kiosk Innova to develop a digital signage network capable of delivering high quality product, price, service and brand messaging into stores to support the sales process and help educate customers on product features and benefits. 


In order for content to reach customers effectively, a mix of LCD screens (larger stores receive 42” LCD screens, smaller stores 32” LCDs) are being installed within a Türk Telekom branded bezel which sits behind the customer service counter. This provides opportunities for content to be viewed across the store and at the till, providing a suitable high level of visual impact throughout the store. 


A ‘big & bold’ visual strategy was conceived to convey key messages to customers in a short space of time quickly and impactfully. Content includes product information, latest handset, tariff & bundle details and branded content from Türk Telekom designed to engage and entertain customers and staff. 


On an eight minute loop, content is able to reflect the destination store or groups of stores the broadcast is destined for Türk Telekom also uses the network to deliver training, news and sales information to stores to improve product & service knowledge and convey key sales data.


“Türk Telekom recognized that digital screen-media would provide the ideal platform for promoting their products and services. Showcasing user benefits as well as key price, tariff and special offer discounts using digital media brings the proposition to life and we are very pleased with the results of the work so far and Türk Telekom’s commitment to rollout out to all stores by the end of 2010” said Sevim KIZILTAN, Digital Signage Project Manager, Kiosk Innova.


As the full service provider, Kiosk Innova provides channel design and content management services, procurement, installation, integration, ongoing network support and staff training to Türk Telekom. 


All content is managed remotely by Türk Telekom with support from Kiosk Innova who use Scala to power the content management system. This “remote control” provides variable authorization levels to enable users to control the broadcast, add content and update pricing efficiently through a password protected web portal. 


Scala has also enabled Kiosk Innova to provide remote control networking to return operational and financial efficiencies. The system is completely hands free at store level. Scala is able to turn screens and audio output on and off (or up and down) according to store opening times, reducing power consumption and extending screen life. Other systems including network health monitoring are also used which reduces the need for unnecessary or costly maintenance visits. 


“Türk Telekom and Kiosk Innova have a clear vision for how they believe digital media will benefit their retail business of over a thousand sites containing a wide mix of customer types across the region. Their need to target their customers effectively makes digital signage a highly complementary addition to their marketing effort. We are very proud to have been chosen to help Kiosk Innova and Türk Telekom deliver this exciting new marketing channel” said Oscar Elizaga, VP EMEA, Scala.


In 2009, one channel of content was being broadcasted to all stores. The numbers of channels and content targeting sophistication will increase to accommodate dealer and regionally specific requirements in 2010. The scalability of the network design is due to the integration of Scala whereby its flexibility and scalability ensures it can match the network’s increasing needs as it expands and sophisticates. By the end of 2009 100 primary stores were installed across Turkey. In March 2010 a total of 250 stores were up and running and 1,100 installations will be operational by the end of 2010.

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