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Abdi İbrahim Service Management Project

Abdi İbrahim chose Innova to implement its transition to HP Service Manager and help it streamline vital processes.

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Abdi İbrahim, Turkey’s leading pharmaceuticals company, whose roots go back a hundred years, has successfully protected its leadership position, in terms of turnover and total unit sales, since 2003. With 180 brands, 350 products and a production capacity of 350 milion boxes per year, it now exports to over 50 countries.

Abdi İbrahim owes much of this success to its drive to remain innovative. As such, it embarked on a project to streamline key business processes aiming to put its 2,500-strong team of expert professionals to the best possible use.

HP Service Manager

In doing so, the company has sought out a new service management software product capable of improving the performance of its technologies team, which has been working to play its part in the company’s rationalisation programme by standardising and improving key IT processes. Abdi İbrahim decided to use the most widely lauded SMP product in the world, HP Service Manager (HP SM) and entrusted Innova to manage the end-to-end implementation of this product.

TTNET LiveSmart (Smart Home) Projesi
Client Abdi İbrahim
Solution HP Service Manager
Sector Manufacturing & Services

Abdi İbrahim’s Information Systems Manager, Ceren Şahin commented that “the most notable advantage gained with this project has been to install measurable IT processes. Now we can easily see which services are offered to which units and at what speed. We can produce detailed reports on all of this.” She further highlighted that the fact that all this data has now been endowed with greater meaning will help her team to develop improved service processes in the future.

Last Update: January 2016