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Documents Innova Modules

Registered Electronic Signature and Mobile Signature

Registered electronic signature and mobile signature are technologies used exclusively to guarantee the identity of a signatory based on registered electronic certificates. The system also makes it possible to determine whether any changes have been made to electronic data.

With the registered electronic signature and mobile signature systems, all signed documents can be verified on the basis of international standards as well as on Turkish electronic signature legislation. By integrating these systems Documents Innova can expedite, secure and improve workflows without interruption.

All signatures added through Documents Innova are in full compliance with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

Mobile Applications

To support the increased use of mobile applications, Documents Innova offers its services on iOS and Android devices through native applications.

Documents Innova users can also use a mobile-compatible web application to manage their workflows efficiently.

Documents Innova mobile applications allow users to effectively manage workflows and complete tasks on their mobile devices. The applications are regularly upgraded on the basis of requests and suggestions from clients.

Document Management System

Documents Innova is a document and archiving platform with superior features enabling organisations to manage and organise all their documents. Documents are stored either in organisation-wide or personal folders and can then be archived, versioned (document check-in or check-out), undergo version checking/validation, and be shared throughout the organisation using sophisticated workflows. Documents can be easily made official by adding to electronic approval or electronic signature within the system

Record Management System

With Documents Innova, all documents bearing an organisation’s official credentials (including incoming and outgoing documents, internal correspondence and forms) are recorded electronically, placed in electronic workflows and archived. They can then be accessed using quick and simple searches as well as dynamic queries.

Documents Innova reduces document preparation, archiving, stationery and manpower costs, leading to improvements in time management.

Due to its user-friendly interface, document and workflow types can easily be added and modified to assist the work of current and new employees without any need to modify software or incur high training costs.

Workflow Management System

Virtual documents prepared using Documents Innova adhere to all relevant legal standards. The solution offers an extensive workflow system that enables efficient archiving and rapid access to documents.

All documents and records are compatible with Document Innova’s advanced workflow system. Its web-based business process manager (BPM) ensures that users can design new client-based workflows using drag and drop techniques. Even new users can adapt easily.

Archive Management System

All defined records and electronic forms can be archived. Users cannot modify or delete original files and these are only accessible to those with predefined user rights. All departments can access their own archived documents. Archiving is carried out in full compliance with Turkish and international regulations as well as best practice defined by specific organisations.

IRM Encryption and Rights Management

The information rights management (IRM) module handles document encryption and rights management. Items stored in Documents Innova can be encrypted if requested by a user or automatically encrypted on the basis of the confidentiality status of the document. Only authorised personnel can view encrypted files to ensure that they are not accessed or deleted improperly.

Registered electronic mail integration

Documents Innova offers an integrated solution with built-in “Registered electronic mail integration” software. This way, all types of commercial or legal correspondence and shared documents are preserved as they are sent. Documents Innova also makes it possible to identify the sender of documents and records and prohibits their modification so that they can be used as legally-valid proof in a court of law.

Scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) System

Documents Innova offers two different scanning solutions: A Windows client-based solution for users involved in heavy-duty scanning, and a web-based tool integrated into Documents Innova and designed for lightweight scanning.

With the Documents Innova batch scanning solution, users can use advanced post-processing features which can delete pages automatically or manually and can use the barcode batch scanning facility to separate scanned documents. Users can delete or re-scan documents, split or straighten pages, add or remove borders, and flip or rotate pages either using the resources of the scanner or those available in a file system.

All scanned documents can be put through OCR, with unlimited page-per-minute licensing. All files subjected to OCR can be easily indexed and searched using text strings. The OCR tool supports Turkish as well as several other languages. If requested by the client, the system can support and integrate external OCR tools.

Form Management Module:

The web-based form management module is designed specifically to create dynamic forms that include tables, combo boxes and drop-down menus, and supports basic arithmetic operations. The module allows forms filled-in by specific groups to be sent to a predefined user, and can generate reports to show which users have completed which forms. Forms can also be made available for predefined periods and can be disabled when the time elapses.

Integration Layer

Due to its web-based design and service-oriented architecture (SOA), Documents Innova can be easily integrated into any software solution (e.g. SAP, Oracle) that provides web services. Information from these software solutions can be integrated by receiving metadata information, transferring content information to a document template, processing documents and adding them to registered electronic signature workflows, and sorting metadata stored in electronic forms. Additionally, Documents Innova can monitor specified fax and e-mail accounts and convert communications into documents.