A win-win solution for both companies and their customers.

Retailers, shopping centres, petrol stations, chain stores and restaurants frequently experience higher revenues from using gift and discount campaigns. PayFlex Loyalty, built on Innova’s PayFlex platform, allows customers to receive regular rewards through their cards, thereby increasing a company’s brand image and customer loyalty.

The PayFlex Loyalty solution enables customers to earn points in return for their spending. These points can then be used to purchase products and services from the same stores. As customers are encouraged to spend more in the stores, companies can increase sales of their major products while also being able to promote secondary products or additional services and attract customers to their stores.

PayFlex Loyalty has been designed as an end-to-end solution and benefits from Innova’s expertise and experience with loyalty systems. It is able to take care of all aspects of loyalty reward schemes through the use of a dynamic point system that can be activated with a range of channels, all of which can be managed online. A flexible structure makes the system adaptable to the specific solutions required by vertical sectors. Earnings can be calculated according to predefined criteria including time, customer segmentation or use in specific stores. For instance, the number of points earned can be varied depending on the store in which the purchase is made.

PayFlex Loyalty’s web-based reporting interface provides comprehensive reporting functions and the solution can perform end of day processes automatically which would otherwise be done by cashiers. PayFlex Loyalty also offers great flexibility through its multi-channel processing system. It can manage store specific campaigns, promotions and messages and can automatically enter customers into prize draws and lotteries.



Helping companies to focus on brand identity and increase customer loyalty & turnover with extensive features.


  • PayFlex Loyalty solution can be adapted for finance and telecom sectors as well as retail sector.
  • Seasonal campaigns only bring short-term increases in revenue, whereas loyalty programs result in longterm customer commitment and loyalty. The result is a continuous and steady rise in customer satisfaction and spending.
  • PayFlex Loyalty can reward extra points to customers during specific campaigns.
  • Companies using this solution can increase the value of points earned in stores belonging to partner companies when they are redeemed in their own stores.


  • Point Rewarding and Redeeming: Online point rewarding can be defined for direct sale operations or indirect relational operations. Rewarded points can be redeemed through mobile handset, POS, web portal, e-shopping, IVR, self service terminal, etc. Also, reward points can be used in cross loyalty, gift card or discount applications.
  • Instant Discounts and Gift Cards/Coupons: Instant discounts and gift coupons can be generated during a shopping operation by processing the predefined rewarding rules. There are user interfaces, which enable the supervisor to easily change rewarding limits on timely basis or during the campaign period.
  • Multiple Loyalty Accounts: In case one customer has multiple loyalty cards under one account, all awarded points can be accumulated under this account. The usability of each card, which is defined under the account, can be limited by the user separately.


  • Family Account: The structure of multiple loyalty cards under one account, but there is a master loyalty card. Each loyalty operation of any card is notified to the master loylaty card’s owner.
  • Points Transferring: The system can enable customers to transfer points between each other.
  • Points Purchasing: In case of insufficient points for desired redemption, the subscriber can purchase loyalty points.
  • Sub-Loyalty Schemes: PayFlex Loyalty enables merchants and participating partners to offer their own sub-loyalty schemes to the customers, which can be combined to master loyalty program and operated under the full control of central management.
  • Cross Loyalty Program: The system enables to integrate with other company’s loyalty programs such as loyalty point transfer from GSM account to airline miles program.


PayFlex Gift Card system helps companies to boost profits and reach new groups of consumers

PayFlex Gift Card is a next generation payment solution which enables the purchase of products and services from member institutions on a prepaid basis. It avoids the difficulty of buying gifts for special occasions as the recipient is able to make his own choice of products and services by using the credit preloaded on the card. With PayFlex Gift Card (gift card program), customers can keep track of their spending and have the opportunity to make better gift choices, while retailers can boost their customers and profits.

From the perspective of the consumer, choosing a gift for a friend or family member that they will really appreciate has always been difficult. On the other hand, retailers are constantly seeking new ways to serve their customers and boost profits. Innova presents a solution which responds to the needs of both sides as customers enjoy the flexibility of prepaid gift cards while retailers have a new way to revitalize and increase their sales.

The solution offers gift cards with fixed or variable amounts to customers of individual shops, retail chains and shopping centers. The gift cards offer a large range of shopping options to their customers and help increase sales and turnover figures. Furthermore, prepaid gift cards can be flexibly structured and used to make payments at locations frequently used by students and professionals. In other words, the cards are perfectly adaptable to the specific needs of different types of consumers.

The Payflex Gift Card solution (gift card program) offers significant advantages to both customers and shops. Customers who don’t want to waste time choosing gifts would be attracted to stores which offer the gift card solution. Prepaid cards can also be used as a simple payment method in other targeted areas such as school canteens, university campuses and service centers. Shops have the advantage of receiving payment even before providing goods and services, which is of course a tremendous advantage in terms of cash flow.

Companies expect increases in sales and profits on Valentine’s Day, New Year and religious or national holidays, including Eids in Muslim countries or Christian celebrations such as Christmas. Anyone purchasing the cards is effectively bringing new customers into stores, while those using them often decide to spend more than the limit of the cards. Together these factors help increase sales in a potentially dramatic way.



A versatile solution that can also be used by companies to offer gifts to their employees.


  • The perfect solution for school children: Innova’s gift card program offers a new way to make payments and is an effective way to limit daily spending. Parents who give the cards to their children are able to control their spending by making credit available for predefined locations and limiting the credit loaded on the cards.
  • Flexible credit uploading: The credit can be uploaded according to predefined amounts or can be set when reloading. The cards can be recharged through POS devices used by different companies as regularly as the customer wishes.
  • No limits on the use of gift cards: Cards can be used at participating locations whenever and however the cardholder wishes as long as credit is available.


  • Multi-functional management and monitoring interface: Customers can check their balance and block the use of lost or stolen cards through a web-based interface using a secure ID and password. In this way consumers are able to manage their cards according to their needs and have confidence that they can trust the system.
  • Reporting facility: All transaction data can be transferred to external systems. Stores can use the gift card system to receive anonymous reports which give an insight into customer spending habits and help determine new sales strategies.


  • The PayFlex Gift Card solution (gift card program) also enables additional management features to institutions that offer the cards to their employees. For example, if requested the card can be used in predetermined stores only.


Payfex Discount offers the necessary infrastructure to allow Telecom operators to forge brand partnerships with companies from other sectors.

The management of applications, operation and reporting is handled by the portal, which gathers together processes such as time, discount rates and customer types under the same roof and tailors them to the specific needs of operators.

The campaign and subscriber aspects can be defined flexibly with a number of variables. The PayFlex Discount system can be switched on and off at any given time.

An interface defines partnerships and the infrastructures which manages specific parameters belonging to each partner, helping to ensure that relationships with partners are easily managed every step of the way.

PayFlex Discount organises the processes managing the relationship between subscribers and the operator’s partners. Partnership companies are able to search codes, which can be offered for one-off or multiple use, with their user’s ID and password.

PayFlex Discount solution offers a very flexible infrastructure. For partnering companies who do not have online access, the system can also be integrated for offline use.

The solution can be integrated with many types of external channels. Aside from the interface offered for online shopping, integration with SMS can also be achieved easily.

These displays are part of the management portal supplied for use by customer service providers with special authorisation. The PayFlex Discount System’s interactive services for operators are included in this.

PayFlex Discount also offers a mobile solution including the option of smartphone integration as it can integrate with various components such as IVR, kiosk and POS.



Discount System increases customer retention and reduces the churn.


  • Competitive advantage in customer satisfaction

    All operators seek ways to increase their subscriber numbers and increase the profits from their communications services. Fierce competition in the market makes constant change a necessity. New deals on price, tariffs and extra options make operators more attractive to existing subscribers while also tempting new subscribers. Gaining new customers is especially competitive and it is now crucial that operators develop a superior technical infrastructure that can offer value added services to subscribers and thereby bring about a competitive advantage.
  • Designed with subscribers’ needs in mind

    The portal interface, which is designed with subscribers’ needs in mind, can be accessed through a simple web browser. It provides the end users with information on available discounts and rewards, including their locations and any conditions. The interface makes it possible to see subscriber announcements and information about new campaigns. The interface enables searches of user ID numbers, PSTN-GSM numbers, company codes and discount codes. PayFlex Discount can easily work with and without registration information, depending on the demands of operators.


  • A new approach to customer service

    Operators seek ways to add convenience to their subscribers’ everyday lives by offering them new services in addition to the communications services they’re already providing. According to the package they choose, subscribers can receive discounts, awards, gifts and free calling minutes or internet services when they spend money in participating restaurants or stores. This leads to the customer forming a stronger relationship with their operators and to increasing the money they are willing to spend on telecommunications. The entire system is managed by highly reliable technology that offers a hassle-free and fast automated system.


  • Successful campaigns

    Payfex Discount offers the necessary infrastructure to allow Telecom operators to forge brand partnerships with companies from other sectors. This complete solution presents all the processes needed for launching campaigns developed to increase customer satisfaction, reduce the number of people transferring to other providers and to gain new subscribers. Customers are able to make use of discounts, awards and additional services offered by companies who agreed brand partnerships with the operator. The service also helps build loyalty between subscribers and their operators
  • An expert in promotional campaigns

    PayFlex Discount was born out of Innova’s extensive experience in the Telecoms sector. The solution manages all the processes needed to operate campaigns aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and providing every possible benefit to the operator.


Your customers will stay loyal as their benefits increase along with your revenue.

All institutions seek to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. Amongst the best ways to do this is the use of loyalty reward systems, since gaining a new customer is always more expensive than retaining an existing one. The PayFlex Relationship Loyalty system can be integrated into existing banking support systems and is a flexible and effective loyalty solution which achieves high levels of customer satisfaction and helps retain customer loyalty permanently.

Innova has been developing applications and solutions for the finance sector for many years and now presents PayFlex Relationship Loyalty, a solution that increases customer loyalty, and is developed with modern banking conditions and needs in mind. The development of the PayFlex Loyalty system was guided by considerations of the reasons for customers choosing one bank over another, as well as the way that a bank can use its operation channels most effectively. It is based on a points system and represents an effective solution for all banks that aim to: attract new customers, forge a closer relationship with existing customers, and increase profitability while keeping costs down.

A customer with a deposit account who shops with a credit card and uses a variety of banking services generally makes use of the competitive nature of the market when choosing their bank. Aside from interest rates customer choices are also influenced by additional benefits which may be on offer. Customers chose to work with banks which offer significant advantages on every transaction and service they use. Successful banks therefore focus on providing the highest possible advantage to customers in order to compete effectively for customers in a competitive market.

Innova has proven success in the financial sector both in Turkey and internationally and is now also an ambitious provider of loyalty relationship systems. Innova has extensive experience in the development and application of multi-channel loyalty systems. The PayFlex Loyalty system can also be added to existing loyalty structures and the solution is therefore installed after extensive evaluation of the bank's needs.

We begin with an assessment of how best to integrate the PayFlex solutions with the client's existing data centres and CRMs, in accordance to the guidelines set out during the tender award process. Next, PayFlex Loyalty management interfaces are developed in order to define customer segments, campaigns, and rules for the awarding and redemption of loyalty points. The success of these processes and the overall results of the project is guaranteed by Innova's know-how and experience of the applications used. Innova's strength in this area is based on the flexibility of the platform that we offer and our ability to tailor our solutions to the individual needs of our clients.

PayFlex Relationship Loyalty is an ambitious solution which encourages bank’s customers to use low cost services or operation channels and to choose more profitable products and services. It provides customers with incentives to use low cost channels such as ATMs and online banking instead of more costly in-branch services.

Customers earn more loyalty points for using these channels than for traditional ones and therefore choose to switch to them, thus reducing the bank’s operational costs in the long term. Similarly, bonus points are offered to customers who use credit or choose to receive their salaries to their bank accounts.

Aside from attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, the use of a points based loyalty system also offers the means to promote new products and services. Customers are given the opportunity to earn higher rewards to encourage them towards less known services and products. While the bank gains an effective new marketing tool customer satisfaction and brand loyalty also increase.



With effective segmentation and dynamic campaigns, customers will get better offers while you increase your revenue.

Effective Customer Segmentation


PayFlex Relationship Loyalty can adapt to a bank's existing defined customer segments or define new ones according to business targets. The solution can vary the relationship between the bank and different customers and offer additional advantages for higher tier customers.



The mechanism for awarding and redeeming points can be made to integrate with customer portals and channels such as online banking, mobile banking, POS devices, ATM, SMS and USSD. This way low cost and high profit channels can be made to stand out and customers can be encouraged to make use of them.

Campaigns and Promotions


As points can be redeemed and spent in stores or used in banking services, PayFlex Loyalty can create dynamic campaigns and promotions based on variables such as subscription groups, participating stores and time. This way customers are presented with a dynamic and effective loyalty platform.


You can explore PayFlex Loyalty Suite on Slideshare.



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